July 8, 2015, St. Louis, Mo. –The Genome Partnership, organizers of Advances in Genome Biology and Technology meetings, (AGBT) announced today that its new Precision Health Conference will be held on September 22-September 252016, in Scottsdale, Arizona, at the Phoenician Resort.

Richard K. Wilson, Ph. D., Director of the McDonnell Genome Institute at Washington University School of Medicine and member of The Genome Partnership’s Board of Directors said, “For the past 16 years AGBT has become recognized worldwide as a preeminent conference where the best and brightest in the field of genomic biology and technology collaborate, advance research, education, and opportunity.  We are now at the dawn of an era where we can transition genomics into the clinic to better diagnose and treat disease.”

“Our General Meeting held in February highlights new technology and first use of that technology, and the discoveries that naturally follow.  The September Precision Health meeting will continue our deep rooted focus on technology and highlight the potential transition from first use to standard of care,” said Dr. Wilson.”

The Co-Chairs for the 2016 AGBT Precision Health Meeting are: Eric Green (National Human Genome Research Institute/National Institute of Health) Elaine Mardis (McDonnell Genome Institute/Washington University School of Medicine) and Len Pennacchio (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory).

The Organizing Committee Includes: Howard McLeod (Moffitt Cancer Center), Geoffrey Ginsburg (Duke Center for Personalized and Precision Medicine), Mike Talkowski (Center for Human Genetic Research-Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard) Julie Segre (National Human Genome Research Institute/National Institute of Health), Madhuri Hegde (Emory Genetics Laboratory), Diane Bianchi (Tufts Medical Center), Kym Boycott (Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario Research Institute), Nazneen Rahman (The Institute of Cancer Research) Paul Flicek (European Bioinformatics Institute), Heidi Rehm (Partners Healthcare Center for Personalized Genetic Medicine).


For more information on our AGBT conferences or sponsorship opportunities contact:

Leisa Zigman
President, The Genome Partnership