Simone Immler

Simone Immler is Professor of Genetics and Reproduction at the University of East Anglia, UK. She was awarded both an European Research Council Starting Grant and an European Research Council Consolidator Grant and received a prestigious Wallenberg Academy Fellowship. Dr. Immler’s research focuses on the genetics and genomics of male reproduction and fertility and her lab works on zebrafish and humans. The main focus of her research lies on the mechanisms and processes occurring in germ cells particularly at the stages between meiosis and fertilisation and syngamy. She uses a wide range of tools including mathematical modelling, experimental manipulations and genomics to study the importance of selection on male gametes. Recent findings from her lab overturned the prevailing idea that the haploid sperm genome is transcriptionally silent by providing clear evidence of a link between sperm genotype and sperm phenotype as well as between sperm phenotype and offspring fitness. Dr. Immler earned her MSc from the University of Basel, Switzerland and her PhD from the University of Sheffield, UK. She spent time as a Research Fellow and Associate Professor at Uppsala University, Sweden before returning to the UK in 2017.