Ross Houston

Prof Ross Houston is Director of Genetics and Innovation at Benchmark Holdings. Benchmark is a leading aquaculture biotechnology company focused on products and solutions that improve farming efficiency and animal health. There he leads Benchmark Genetics’ global breeding programs for Atlantic salmon and whiteleg shrimp, as well as R&D activities, with a particular focus on applications of emerging technologies, including reproductive technologies and gene editing. He is also Chair of Benchmark Innovation Board, which fosters exploitation of synergies across the Genetics, Health, and Advanced Nutrition business units.

Ross has over 20 years of experience in applied genetics research in animal breeding, having formerly been Personal Chair of Aquaculture Genetics and the Deputy Director for Translation and Commercialisation at The Roslin Institute. He has authored or coauthored more than 110 scientific publications, as well as several patents. Ross has been at the forefront of application of new genomic and biotechnologies to towards genetic improvement in aquaculture, and has also published several high profile review and perspective papers on these topics, for example in Nature Reviews Genetics here