Mario Calus

Mario Calus is an associate professor at the Animal Breeding and Genomics group of Wageningen University. He obtained both his MSc and PhD degree from Wageningen University. His main area of expertise is on genomic prediction and genomic selection, with an increasing focus on the use of functional annotations and intermediate omics data. He has more than seventeen years of experience in the scientific development of genomic selection, and its implementation in collaboration with the breeding industry, in recent years through the Dutch public-private partnership Breed4Food. He currently is the program leader of Breed4Food. He has supervised 11 PhD students, with an additional 5 ongoing, and has trained 7 postdocs. He has (co)authored more than 150 peer reviewed articles. He is Senior Editor for the section Complex Traits of GENETICS, and is one of the co-Editors-in-Chief of Genetics Selection Evolution.