Dr. Trevor D Lawley

Dr. Trevor Lawley is a Faculty member at the Wellcome Sanger Institute (www.lawleylab.com) and the Chief Scientific Officer of Microbiotica (www.microbiotica.com). Trevor’s research is focused on developing concepts, methods and tools to enable basic discoveries and translation of medicines and diagnostics from the human microbiome. His science uses large-scale genomics and data driven approaches in patient cohorts, underpinned by metagenomic analysis, microbial culturing and machine learning, to investigate the biology of human microbes that are associated with health and a range of diseases, syndromes and developmental disorders. Trevor has trained scientists who have established independent academic research labs and have pioneered the human microbiome biotechnology sector. Research by Trevor and his students has been published in Nature, Nature Immunology, Nature Genetics, Cell and Nature Biotechnology, and has been featured on BBC, CNN news and highlighted in The Economist. In December 2016, Trevor spun out the biotech company Microbiotica to develop live bacterial therapeutics, biomarkers and microbiome-based technologies focused on treating patients with autoimmune diseases and cancers. Microbiotica is developing live bacterial therapeutic products, defined consortia of bacteria, as novel medicines for ulcerative colitis patients and melanoma immunotherapy patients.