Doris Bachtrog

Doris Bachtrog, PhD, MSc is an Associate Professor at the Department of Integrative Biology,  The University of California, Berkeley. Her research centers on a broad range of topics in functional evolutionary genomics. Ongoing research includes: (1) Investigating the causes of Y chromosome degeneration. (2) Studying the evolution of gene expression and dosage compensation in Drosophila. (3) The formation of heterochromatin on evolving Y chromosomes. (4) Comparative genomics in Diptera species. (5) The evolution of chromatin structure in Drosophila. (6) Investigating modes of speciation in several Drosophila species. (7) The evolution of sex-biased genes on newly formed sex chromosomes. (8) Transitions between sex determination systems. Most of her research uses Drosophila as a model, combing whole-genome experimental and computational analyses.