Ami Bhatt

Ami Bhatt is a physician scientist with a strong interest in microbial genomics and metagenomics. Her team’s research program seeks to illuminate the interplay between the microbial environment and host/clinical factors in human diseases. She is a former American Society of Hematology Scholar and a Damon Runyon Clinical Investigator Awardee. Her laboratory focuses on (1) the use of next generation sequencing to define the microbiome and host immunologic features in patients with human diseases and (2) developing custom computational tools for the identification of novel human commensals and pathogens in these inpatient populations, and (3) using statistical and functional biological methods to understand the complex interplay between the human microbiome and host biology. She carries out translational research at Stanford University, and has active collaborations world-wide including in Nigeria and South Africa. She is committed to ensuring that advances in research touch the lives of individuals in all income settings – and thus, in her spare time, enjoys volunteering for the nonprofit she co-founded, Global Oncology. Outside of her academic interests, Ami enjoys the outdoors, baking and dancing.