Ahmed Ghouri

Dr. Ahmed Ghouri is the founder and CEO of Interpreta, healthcare’s first real-time clinical and genomic interpretation system.  Interpreta is both rules-based and AI-based. He is a board certified anesthesiologist, biomedical engineer, and analytics entrepreneur.  Dr. Ghouri previously founded Anvita Health which analyzed more than two billion data points per day (millions of patients per hour) to deliver clinical insights to leading insurers, national labs, PBMs, the largest claims clearinghouse, university hospitals, and the leading search engine.  Anvita was acquired by Humana in 2011.  Dr. Ghouri is the first author of more than 70 peer reviewed scientific publications and principal author on eight granted US Patents in analytics, medical devices, and software.  He was a co-lead investigator leading to the FDA approval of two fundamentally new drugs (the first real-time general anesthetic desflurane, and the first benzodiazepine reversal drug flumazenil), both of which became worldwide market leaders. Dr. Ghouri holds an M.D. from the Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis, where he also completed a Biomedical Engineering fellowship focused on real-time interpretation of biological waveforms for patient care.  Dr. Ghouri is a lecturer at UCSF and UC Berkeley in the Departments of Translational Medicine.