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AGBT 2016 Precision Health Highlight Video

Advances in Genome Biology and Technology (AGBT), is receiving high praise for its inaugural Precision Health meeting held September 22-24 in Scottsdale, Arizona.   The new meeting brought together leading genomics researchers, healthcare...

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AGBT Day 2: Jay Flatley, Anne Wojcicki

Frida, February 12, 2016 James Hadfield-AGBT Guest Blogger (The CRUK Cambridge Institute Genomics Core) Todays plenary is pretty exciting with two people speaking who have had a massive impact on Genomics, but from outside the academic circle: Jay Flately and Anne...

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AGBT 16 Clinical Applications

Advances in genomic clinical applications: Genomic medicine will occur when research becomes translated into clinical and reduced to practice. AGBT Guest Blogger: Dale Yuzuki (SeraCare Life Sciences, Inc.) Friday, 2/12/16 From the NHGRI 2011 strategic plan “Charting a...

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AGBT 16 Day 2

From the Depths of Disease to the Depths of Space AGBT Guest Blogger: Meredith Salisbury(Bioscribe) February 12, 2016   By Friday afternoon here at AGBT, attendees were starting to show signs of wear from the all- night parties, but they rallied for a plenary session...

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AGBT’s Genome Technology

Many times the fun of AGBT is the advances in genome technology AGBT Guest Blogger: Dale Yuzuki (SeraCare Life Sciences, Inc.)   If you have attended Advances in Genome Biology and Technology in the past, sometimes there is amazing technology presented in a plenary...

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AGBT 16 Day 1 (Morning Session)

AGBT 16, Day 1: Into the Clinic Thursday AM, February 11, 2016 AGBT Guest Blogger: Meredith Salisbury(Bioscribe)   Hundreds of not-yet-partied-out AGBT attendees descended on the Mediterranean Ballroom this morning to learn about the latest in clinical genomics from...

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