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AGBT Ag 2023

This is a critical moment in agricultural science. As our earth continues to change at a rapid rate, leaders in these fields must come together and further the integration of their respective fields. This meeting will focus on the global impacts of breakthroughs made possible through innovations in agricultural genomics, which will improve productivity and sustainability in crop and livestock production.

Our commitment

Collaboration among scientists helped us survive a global pandemic like no other. It is this same collaboration that will help us build a more sustainable world. As a recognized cornerstone for the genomics research community, Advances in Genome Biology and Technology is committed to bringing together the world’s leading genome researchers, data scientists, breeders, policy influencers, funders, and technology innovators, providing a space where the brightest minds in agriscience and agricultural genomics to come together and seek solutions for global issues in agriculture and genomics.

2023 Featured Speakers

Robin Buell

University of Georgia In July 2021, Dr. C. Robin Buell joined the University of Georgia as the Georgia Research Alliance Eminent Scholar Chair in Crop Genomics in the Department of Crop & Soil Sciences and the Center for Applied Genetic Technologies. Prior to joining UGA, she was a University Distinguished Faculty and MSU Foundation Professor

Mark Cooper

The University of Queensland Professor Mark Cooper is Chair of Prediction Based Crop Improvement at The University of Queensland, and a global leader in quantitative genetics and plant breeding. His work involves integrating genomic prediction and crop growth models into an ‘end to end’ framework for crop improvement. Read More

Antonio Augusto Franco Garcia

University of Sao Paulo, Brazil The ultimate goal of my research projects is trying to have a better understanding of the genetic architecture of quantitative traits, specially (but not exclusively) for polyploids, with emphasis on sugarcane. This could be useful for breeding programs and for geneticists interested on complex traits. Read More

Gregor Gorjanc

University of Edinburgh I lead the HighlanderLab, which focuses on managing and improving populations using data science, genetics, and breeding. We focus on populations used for food, feed, and fibre production We are particularly interested in: (i) methods for genetics and breeding, (ii) design and optimisation of breeding programmes, and (iii) analysis of data to unravel biology

Ben Hayes

University of Queensland Professor Hayes has extensive research experience in genetic improvement of livestock, crop, pasture and aquaculture species, with a focus on integration of genomic information into breeding programs, including leading many large scale projects which have successfully implemented genomic technologies in livestock and cropping industries. Read More

Joanna Newton

LaTrobe University, Australia Agricultural research scientist and science communicator passionate about fostering transdisciplinary collaboration to deliver research outcomes that support a profitable, resilient and sustainable agricultural sector. Read More

Lindiwe Sibanda Majele

University of Pretoria Prof. Lindiwe Majele Sibanda is a recognized leader, practicing farmer and esteemed policy advisor with a career spanning 30 years. She currently serves as Director and Chair of the African Research Universities Alliance - Centre of Excellence in Sustainable Food Systems (ARUA-SFS) at the University of Pretoria. Prof. Sibanda is also the

Anna Sonesson

Norwegian food research institute (Nofima) I work with the design of breeding schemes, including marker-assisted and genomic selection schemes, and with QTL mapping. I also work with the management of genetic variation, i.e. managing inbreeding, both at the level of relationship and at the genomic level. Read More

Leena Tripathi

Director- Eastern Africa Hub Dr. Leena Tripathi is the Director of Eastern Africa Hub and Leader of the Biotechnology Program at the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA). She is leading the transgenic and gene-editing research at IITA. She has been involved in plant biotechnology research for more than 25 years, with specific interests in crop improvement.

Our mission

The Genome Partnership convenes the world’s most revered genome science and technology conferences, bringing together top global researchers, leaders, and innovators in human health and agriculture. The Genome Partnership has been proudly organizing The Advances in Genome Biology and Technology (AGBT) meetings since 1999. The Genome Partnership, based in St. Louis, is a not-for-profit organization and its mission is to advance research, promote education, and expand commerce in genome science and technology. For more information visit

What the Experts Are Saying

One of humanity’s greatest challenges is to sustainably produce more food on existing agricultural lands. AGBT Ag…fosters the needed dialogue and exchange of ideas to bring about the fourth agricultural revolution.

Sarah Hearne, co-chair of the AGBT Ag conference and Principal Scientist and maize geneticist at the International Maize and Wheat Improvement Center (CIMMYT)

Our work is aimed at developing sustainable agriculture around feeding the population. That’s why having a conference like AGBT Ag, bringing experts across various fields, is really exciting.

Charlie Johnson, 2022 Organizing Committee Member and Executive Director Genomics & Bioinformatics, Texas A&M AgriLife

AGBT Ag is a big opportunity for communities to start talking across the disciplines a little bit more so that we can identify opportunities and spaces where we can scale existing technologies.

Sarah Hearne, Chair of the AGBT Ag conference and Principal Scientist and maize geneticist at the International Maize and Wheat Improvement Center (CIMMYT)

AGBT Ag is looking at bringing the best members of the scientific community, the best science; it’s bringing industry—and ensuring that we have real partnerships to make sure we have end-to-end interventions.

Djikeng Appolinaire, Professor and Chair for Tropical Agriculture and Sustainable Development and Director of Tropical Livestock Genetics and Health at the University of Edinburgh

As a lecturer, scientist, and breeder, [AGBT Ag] could not have been better…I have enough to update my lectures and research approaches to benefit my students and supervisees.

Blaise Arnaud Hako Touko, Senior Lecturer at the University of Dschang