General Meeting
Marco Island, Florida

This is the preeminent genome science and technology conference for top global researchers, leaders and innovators.


March 31-April 2, 2025

Agriculture Meeting
Orlando, Florida

This is a new scientific conference focusing on the global impact of breakthrough innovations made possible through agricultural genomics.

Denver, Colorado

Bringing together leading genomic researchers, healthcare professionals, and healthcare industry stakeholders to usher in a new era of precision medicine.



AGBT is the world-renowned not-for-profit provider of three prestigious conference and networking events for the leading luminaries and change-makers of the life sciences and global biotech community.

AGBT delivers a trifecta of preeminent conferences and networking events for the world’s top genome science and technology researchers, leaders, and innovators to share the latest advances, discoveries, and breakthroughs with influential peers and key decision-makers.

By providing opportunities for the global scientific community and technology industry to gather and collaborate in casual, intimate settings, AGBT functions as a key player in advancing DNA sequencing technologies, driving novel applications, and furthering experimental and analytical approaches for genomic studies in the public and private sectors.

Among our attendees are heads of internationally regarded labs and institutions, C-suite executives of life science companies, Wall Street analysts, and media representatives.

Regardless of their role, AGBT brings together those with a shared commitment to pioneering the frontiers of genome science and technology forging a new future and better world.

Precision Health Meeting 2024 Featured Speakers

Kathleen Barnes

Kathleen’s career spans >30 years focused on genomic medicine and precision-driven health equity. She completed her BSN at the Medical College of Virginia, her PhD in Biomedical Anthropology at the […]


Nancy J. Cox

Dr. Nancy Cox is a quantitative human geneticist and the Mary Phillips Edmonds Gray Professor of Genetics at Vanderbilt University Medical Center. Dr. Cox’s research interests focus on large-scale integration […]


Dr. Kyle Farh

Dr. Kyle Farh is Vice President at Illumina’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) Lab for Genome Interpretation, where he deciphers the clinical impact of genetic variants in rare and common diseases. Towards […]


Melissa Haendel

University of Colorado

Melissa Haendel is the Director of Precision Health & Translational Informatics and the Sarah Graham Kenan Distinguished Professor in the Department of Genetics at The University of North Carolina at […]


Eimear Kenny

Eimear Kenny, PhD, is the Founding Director of the Institute for Genomic Health, building resources for integrating genomic information and AI in routine clinical care, and supporting the sequencing and […]


Josh Peterson

Vanderbilt University Medical Center

Josh Peterson, MD, MPH serves as a Professor of Biomedical Informatics and Medicine in the School of Medicine at Vanderbilt University Medical Center, the Director of the Center for Precision Medicine, and the Vice-President […]


Jennifer Posey

Baylor College of Medicine

As a physician-scientist and a medical and human geneticist, my ultimate goal is to be able to translate our understanding of the relationship between an individual’s genotype and phenotype into […]


Aaron Quinlan

Aaron Quinlan is an Endowed Professor of Human Genetics and Biomedical Informatics at the University of Utah. His laboratory has developed numerous foundational, open-source software tools that facilitate discovery in […]


Elise Robinson

Massachusetts General Hospital and Broad Institute

Elise Robinson is a faculty member in the Center for Genomic Medicine and Department of Psychiatry at Massachusetts General Hospital and an institute member of the Broad Institute of MIT […]


Jordan Smoller

Massachusetts General Hospital

Jordan Smoller, MD, ScD is a psychiatrist, epidemiologist and geneticist whose research focus has been understanding the genetic and environmental determinants of psychiatric disorders across the lifespan and using big […]


Joris R. Vermeesch

Joris R. Vermeesch, Ph.D. Ir, is a professor of Molecular Cytogenetics and genome research, staff member of the center for human genetics Leuven, and scientific director of the genomic core […]


The Genome Partnership

The Genome Partnership has been proudly organizing The Advances in Genome Biology and Technology (AGBT) meetings since 1999. The Genome Partnership is a not-for-profit organization and its mission is to advance research, promote education, and expand commerce in genome science and technology.


AGBT is always the most important meeting I attend all year. The cutting edge scientific talks and the networking makes tremendous opportunities possible.

AGBT Attendee

As it was my first time, I now know why AGBT is considered the best genomics meeting in the world…Every aspect of the conference was a highlight. Getting a cross-section of the current trends, the talks, the vendors,  the networking…everything.

AGBT Attendee

I loved speaking to vendors and learning more about their new tech and how it could be applied to my lab…So many engaging talks and new connections.

AGBT Attendee

This was the best conference I have ever attended. The talks were stellar and I really enjoyed the small size relative to the larger meetings I typically attend…it was more personalized and meaningful.

AGBT Precision Health Attendee

The caliber of talks was unrelenting…nothing short of stellar!

AGBT Precision Health Attendee

I enjoyed learning how the rest of the field is thinking about genomic testing (i.e. combining WGS and RNAseq) The scientific content was excellent and I made a lot of new connections. 

AGBT Precision Health Attendee

Very distinguished series of speakers from diverse clinical fields and perspectives with common genomic thread. Best collection of talks I’ve seen at a conference lately.

AGBT Precision Health Attendee