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2014 AGBT Meeting

The 15th annual Advances in Genome Biology and Technology (AGBT) meeting will be held in Marco Island, Florida, on February 12-15, 2014. As a recognized cornerstone for the genomics research community, this annual meeting provides an outstanding forum for exchanging information about the latest advances in DNA sequencing technologies and their myriad applications. Following a well-established routine, the meeting will have daytime plenary sessions that feature invited speakers and abstract-selected talks. These sessions will highlight cutting-edge research across the broad landscape of genomics research. Experimental and computational approaches for effectively utilizing the latest DNA sequencing technologies will be highlighted during evening concurrent sessions. In addition, the 2014 meeting will feature new clinical applications of genome sequencing. Please plan to join us in Marco Island for the 2014 AGBT meeting, where the relaxed atmosphere and outstanding science will again provide an exceptional opportunity to meet and interact with scientific leaders from the various disciplines being advanced by large-scale DNA sequencing and genome exploration.

The organizing committee for the 2014 AGBT meeting includes Eric Green (NHGRI/NIH), Elaine Mardis (Washington University School of Medicine), Deanna Church (NCBI/NIH), Ken Dewar (McGill University and Génome Québec Innovation Centre), Robert Lyons, (University of Michigan), Andre Marziali (University of British Columbia), John McPherson (Ontario Institute for Cancer Research), Len Pennacchio (LBNL), Sharon Plon (Baylor College of Medicine), Heidi Rehm (Partners Healthcare Center for Personalized Genetic Medicine), and Mike Zody (Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard).


  2014 Sponsors

2014 Sponsors


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